Marketing Capability

Assessing the Landscape

Aperio’s skills capability programmes are based on tried-and-tested methodologies for excellence in marketing. Using practical examples and case studies teams will come away with a ‘Skill Base’; toolkits containing relevant templates, models and supporting documents; team personal commitments and action plan that sets KPI’s around a live business problem/opportunity; ongoing coaching and support from Aperio Team of consultants.

Assessing The Landscape

is the starting point of all strategic marketing plans - it lays the framework from which business opportunities are assessed and brand plans are developed. It’s essential for all marketers to have a detailed understanding of the environment they operate in.
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Is your marketing and sales team aware of who their strategic targets and prime prospects are to effectively develop marketing plans for growth?
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Is your marketing team able to effectively translate target audience insight into brand, concept and strategic solutions?
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Can your marketing team effectively translate strategy into action so that it delivers business results?
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